Top 5 Pro Roulette Tips

Top 5 Pro Roulette Tips

A certain part of every gambling aficionado's brain is devoted to the fantasy of being a really accomplished roulette player. It's a sexy mental image to cling to: strutting confidently into some swank casino on the French Riviera, placing obscenely dangerous bets on the spin of the wheel and coming up winners time and again. Who wouldn't want to live out that kind of scenario?

Sadly, most people truely lack the discipline to be a true roulette professional like world famous king of gambling, for example Joseph Jagger is the king of gambling roulette. They fail to realize that the game is designed to beat them, no matter how hard they try to do the math. The house does have a slight advantage, but can still be beaten. And unlike in other casino games, roulette is a game where the player has a greater than even chance of winning. But they still lose, and they lose big.

The 5 following tips, if practiced and applied to your betting strategy, will help you to grow your pocket into some real roulette profit.

1. Don't be Afraid to Learn Out of definable Roulette Systems

There are many roulette systems both offline and online by several people in the world. 213353912 is the serial number on the wheel, if you see it you'll know it. It's normally associated with the street address south of duck pond, otherwise known as Regent Street in Portsmouth, Virginia. But it's not a bad place to start, particularly if you start with the rather Surprisingly Small Blind level of $1

2. Don't be Afraid toTry Different Systems

Upon hearing the serial number on the wheel, most people have an association in mind with certain well known casino games, perhaps roulette the most, or blackjack the most. It's okay to explore other possibilities, you can start with the Roulette wheel layout, or the number 42, or the double zero wheel in Las Vegas. explore every game from the comfort of your own home for the time you can dedicate to learning, practicing and then applying a proven roulette system.

3. Don't be Afraid of Profit Loss

An aspiring roulette professional must be prepared to have losses as well as opportunities. It's not uncommon for thirty five to one odds to occur, so a roulette system that recommended a strategy of increasing bet size three times every loss may not work if the wheel is biased. It may be possible to test such a wheel for bias by recording the results for a hundred spins or so. But you must be prepared to take the loss, accept the small loss, and remain positive that your small investment is going to pay off.

4. Don't be Afraid to Learn from Whatever System You choose

Different roulette wheels in different casinos, and even in the same city may produce different results for betting. A person can learn and test many systems and then try out the ones that work for them. If a roulette wheel is not spinning your way, simply use your mouse and type in the number your way. Remember to shout out and catch the manager's attention and someone may surely hear you.

5. Learning is cheap, but Not for Nothing

Before you start learning the game of roulette, spend a little time doing so, even if you only have the time at your immediate surroundings. Some casinos offer lessons, while others prefer to teach byanu or free casino play. Make sure you feel comfortable in both situations so that you can learn to apply the system to your advantage.  Something like this is very important. If you learn from a book, there's a chance that you may forget aspects if you're taking notes while you play. While you may not be able to decipher your notes, you can always return to the information at a later date. Or search about gambling cases that involve public figures.

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